Business & Individual Tax Services

At Samuels & Associates, we believe a proactive approach is best when handling tax matters. Being prepared and planning ahead are far better than responding to a last minute emergency situation that could have been avoided. Additionally, good tax planning methods also help to minimize personal or corporate tax liabilities.

Tax consulting

Whether you run your own business or you're an individual with a complicated tax picture, Samuels & Associates provides consulting services on all aspects of taxation. We prefer to take a proactive approach and have discussions throughout the year rather than a reactive approach when something goes astray. Our staff stays current on new tax laws and rules and participates in ongoing continuing education. We are all up to date on tax law changes and how they may affect you and/or your business.

We provide individual and corporate tax consulting services including (but not limited to): divorce, buying or selling a business, college costs, inheriting money, or simply want a new perspective on your tax situation.

Tax planning

Good tax planning is crucial to individuals and businesses. It can increase your after tax dollars and/or profits of your business. It is a major component of the tax preparation process and should be reviewed throughout the year. We encourage our clients to contact us periodically during the year to review their tax situation.

Tax preparation

Whether you are an individual, a sole proprietor, partnership or a corporation, our experienced staff can guide you and advise you on tax strategies that take advantage of, and comply with, the latest tax laws and legislation.

Our investment in tax and research software allows us to efficiently prepare returns and provide tax advisory services for various types of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates and not-for-profit organizations.

Tax compliance

There are many areas of tax compliance from individual income tax to sales & use tax to corporate taxes. Changes in laws about income tax, sales and use tax, government collection procedures, and many others are always changing. As a client of Samuels & Associates, you have experienced tax professionals on your team knowledgeable in the law changes. We work with our clients—individuals, small-business owners, and CFOs of corporations—to make sure they are in full compliance.

Tax controversy & IRS representation

We also offer advice and direction on many tax matters concerning disputes with federal, state, and local jurisdictions. These include collections issues, liens and levies, tax audits, penalty abatement and assistance with late or unfiled tax returns.

If you receive a letter from the government, whether it is a simple notice or an actual audit, you can be comfortable that our team will handle it efficiently and effectively. We take the fear out of these audits and hold your hand throughout the process.