Clients & Testimonials

Some of our more well known clients include:
Papaya King
A Caring Hand (Billy Esposito Foundation)
Chowder Inc.
North American Ideon (Choice Financial Solutions)
Bad Feather Inc.
Carlson Consulting Inc.
Powered by Professionals Inc.
Jardim, Meisner & Susser PC
GLA Communications
Firearms Support & Storage LLCCommunications Inc.

Papaya King (NYC) & Seth C.
I initially met Howard via a recommendation from a colleague of mine regarding a personal tax accountant. I had used other accountants prior to Howard and the simplest way to describe my experience was I didn't realize what I was missing previously. Howard's responsiveness, honesty, advice and work ethic are second to none. I have looked for additional ways to integrate Howard into my professional life and am currently utilizing Howards services for a restaurant that I acquired in addition to a small venture that I started this year.

Rick K.
Howard is a true tax professional. I have been using his services for both my business and personal tax planning since 2003.

Jennifer K.
Every time I meet with Howard or talk to him on the phone, my mind is put at ease by the fact that he really knows what hes talking about. I have a tendency to panic when it comes to money, but with Howards guidance, I feel more confident than ever in my ability to manage it well.

Daniel M.
We have been using Howard for our taxes for a number of years and through several interstate moves. I have found him to be highly professional and the results have been wonderful. I would highly recommend Howard to anyone looking for an accountant.

Lisa L.
Howard is detail oriented and thorough. He has been a great resource for sound tax advice for our company since day one.

Benetta N.
My family and I would like to thank Howard for all of your assistance during this difficult time. My father and I were very close and I really needed someone I could trust with my affairs. You were patient, very patient and took the time to walk me through this process. Again, thank you and I look forward to a long relationship.

Elizabeth D.
Howard is a great accounting resource for small agencies/ marketing consultancies. He really understands the advertising business and is able to give specific advice for our industry. He helped with all the ins and outs of setting up our financial systems and also helps us keep a keen eye on our bottom line.