Your life. Your business. Our passion.
Collaboration with you is our core approach

What do we mean when we say "Your life is our passion"? We mean tax solutions, attention to detail, expertise and outstanding client service.

At Samuels & Associates, we understand you want an advisor who can provide more than just tax preparation. Our staff offers expertise, enthusiastic attitudes and communication skills to assist our clients achieve their objectives. Numbers and dollars for your finances, calculated accurately, objectively and with integrity—is at the heart of our business. That's our passion!

At Samuels & Associates, we believe a proactive approach is best when handling tax matters. Being prepared and planning ahead are far better than responding to a last minute emergency situation that could have been avoided.

Samuels & Associates has offices in Manhattan and Florham Park, NJ (north New Jersey). We service clients in almost every state in the US as well as all over the world. We have clients on assignment in foreign countries, foreign people living and working in the US and companies with foreign ownership operating in the US.